Verdicts Employment Discrimination

$410,000 Employment Law - Sexual Harassment, 2012
A 42 yr. old registered dental assistant was victimized by her boss, the owner of the dental practice, who engaged in a series of sexually inappropriate actions and comments in late 2009 that created a hostile work environment and eventually caused plaintiff to quit her job. The defendant denied the allegations and claimed that the plaintiff had recent performance issues, and that the allegations of sexual misconduct were a smoke screen to divert attention away from her poor performance. CMSC sued the defendant and was able to settle plaintiff's claims for $410,000.

$4.95 Million Recovery in Sexual Harassment/Discrimination Case Against Police Department, 2009
Sexual discrimination against female police officers by Bay Area police agency.

$3.3 Million Recovery in Racial Discrimination Case Against Food Producer, 2003
Racial discrimination against large food producer conglomerate for failure to promote and ignoring racial insults and threats.

$2.65 Million Gender Discrimination Against Police Department, 1999
Gender discrimination and sexual harassment involving female police officers.

$1.4 Million Recovery for Sex Discrimination Against Police Department, 1998

$1.25 Million Recovery in Sexual Harassment Case Against Police Department, 1999

$1 Million Sexual Harassment By School District, 2005
Teachers sexually harassed by school custodian complaints to school administrators for protection and ignored.

$900,000 Employment Discrimination, 2000
African American employees were denied promotions because of their race. Evidence established a company practice of promoting less qualified non-minority employees.

$900,000 Malicious Prosecution; Sexual Harassment at Public Utility, 2001

$800,000 Wrongful Termination, 1999

$640,000 Sexual Harassment Against Clothing Manufacturer, 2004

$640,000 Sexual Harassment Case Against Community College, 2002

$610,000 Sexual Harassment Against Public Defender's Office, 2009

$450,000 Gender Discrimination Against Bank, 2003