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Highway Closed After Fiery Truck Crash

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The California Highway Patrol reported that a fiery truck accident closed a section of I-10 about a half-mile west of the town of Desert Center stalling highway traffic for hours. One driver sustained serious injuries in the accident. This accident demonstrates the additional dangers that semi truck carrying flammable or other dangerous cargo can pose.

The accident happened in the mid-afternoon and had traffic backed up on the highway more than a mile. An hour and a half after the accident occurred, the California Highway Patrol were informing motorists that they needed to turn around and take a detour using another nearby state highway.

Apparently two trucks, one of which was hauling a load of hay, collided and caught fire according to the local fire department. One person was injured in the mishap and was airlifted by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

Traffic remained at a standstill for several hours as firefighters fought what was described as a stubborn fire involving the hay that was being carried by one of the trucks involved in the accident.

The accident even gave time for motorists to bring out lawn chairs, allowing them to sit comfortably along the highway when the traffic quit moving shortly after the mishap occurred.

Later in the evening, one of the trucks was observed being towed away. The hay truck was severely damaged by the fire and was described by highway patrol dispatch personnel as being burned too badly to be towed.

While semi trucks serve an important purpose transporting goods, they can pose an additional risk to those who use the roads for personal transportation.

Source: "Fiery big rig crash closes westbound I-10 past Desert Center" Brian Indrelunas and Kate McGinty, July 30, 2011