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Unlicensed Driver Involved in Crash Kills Two People

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

A California car accident involving an unlicensed driver resulted in the death of a two people on July 31. Police later learned that the car driven by the unlicensed driver had been reported stolen the evening before.

The stolen car, a 2008 Infiniti G37S, rammed at high speed into a 1995 Nissan Maxima, cutting the Nissan in half by the impact. The Nissan then collided with a street light pole, and flames shot out of the vehicle, contributing to the deaths of its driver and passenger. The Nissan was knocked off course as it tried to turn left to visit a restaurant to purchase some fast food.

The flames raged out of control, requiring firefighters to be summoned to the accident scene to put out the fire. The bodies of the occupants of the Nissan were severely burned, and could not immediately be identified. An investigator from a coroner's office stated that one body appeared to be male, and the other female.

Local police dispatched a team experienced in investigating serious incidents. The team attempted to gather evidence concerning the details of the crash. The main streets surrounding the scene of the accident were closed to traffic for approximately seven hours.

The driver of the stolen Infiniti did not suffer any major injuries in the crash, and was taken into custody by police, who uncovered his lack of a driver's license. They also soon discovered the prior report of the car's theft. Investigators charged him with the theft of the vehicle.

Source: Sacremento Bee " 2 dead when car bursts into flames in crash " Aug. 1, 2011