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UPDATE: Pedestrian Dies From Injuries Caused by Bicycle Accident

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In a previous post, we discussed a San Francisco accident involving a bicyclist and a pedestrian. The 60-year-old pedestrian was struck by the bicyclist in July. She was seriously injured when we first reported the incident. She was hospitalized with a serious head injury. However, she was not able to recover from the injuries she suffered in the accident, and she died this past week.

The woman had nearly crossed a six-lane street at the intersection of Mission Street and The Embarcadero while she had the walk signal. She was in the bike lane, almost to the curb, when the cyclist struck her down.

Police questioned the 25-year-old bicyclist after the accident but did not charge him at that time. According to the San Francisco District Attorney, the prosecutors still have not decided whether or not to press criminal charges against the bicyclist. Now that the woman has passed away, her wrongful death may lead prosecutors to file criminal charges against the bicyclist.

Regardless of whether or not criminal charges are filed, the bicycle rider is responsible for the wrongful death of the woman. Bicyclists must use the same care and caution that drivers of motor vehicles must use, especially when pedestrians are present.

Bicyclists must also respect all laws regarding roadways in the same manner as motor vehicles. This means that bicyclists must stop at stop signs and stop lights. This story should highlight how important it is for everyone, bicyclists included, to obey traffic laws and protect pedestrians.

Source: NPR, "Woman Dies One Month After Being Hit By Cyclist In San Francisco," Bill Chappell, Aug. 12, 2011