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Bicyclist Killed In Collision With Truck in San Francisco

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A 25-year-old San Francisco woman was killed after colliding with a food delivery truck while riding her bicycle. The truck accident occurred in the Financial District at the intersection of Fremont and Mission Streets.

The truck struck the bicyclist head-on causing serious head injuries which eventually caused the young woman's death. The violent crash knocked the woman's shoes off and smashed the windshield of the truck.

News reports indicate that the truck driver was not injured in the crash and there is no indication that he was driving under the influence at the time of the accident. The driver remained on the scene after the accident.

The woman was initially taken to San Francisco General Hospital in an attempt to treat her injuries but she passed away the next day.

While there has not been a final report from the investigation into the crash, initial reports indicated that she may have made an illegal turn just prior to the accident.

While the final investigation into this accident may determine that the bicyclist was at least partially responsible for the accident, it highlights the dangers that exist for bicyclist and pedestrians when they share the same space as heavy trucks.

The disparity in size and weight between cars and commercial trucks is sufficient to leave those in the car particularly vulnerable to catastrophic injuries. This disparity is only increased when a pedestrian or bicyclist is involved in an accident with a commercial truck. While there are many laws and regulations that attempt to mitigate the risk from heavy trucks, they do not change the underlying calculus of the potential for serious injury when one of these trucks is involved in a collision.

Source: The San Francisco Examiner "Bicyclist struck by truck in downtown San Francisco dies" Mike Aldax, July 21, 2011