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11 Injured When Driver Crashes Into Bicyclists

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The San Francisco Chronicle reports that 11 bicycle riders were injured on Monday night when a suspected drunk driver crashed into them. About a hundred bike riders were on a midnight ride when a group of them stopped to allow the others to catch up.

According to the news report the 27-year-old driver came around a corner and briefly slowed down and then sped up before plowing into the group of cyclists. Local law enforcement officials say that it will be difficult to determine how fast the car was going because there were no skid marks. Some witnesses reported the car did not stop as it was colliding with the bike riders.

In all 11 riders were injured in the crash. One of those remains hospitalized in critical condition after being dragged under the car.

Midnight rides such as this one have become increasingly popular in crowed urban areas in California. With generally less traffic in the middle of the night biking can be a bit easier to ride in larger groups.

Law enforcement officials warn that biking at two in the morning greatly increases the risk of encountering an inebriated driver. But remind drivers that bicyclists have a right to use the roadways and that drivers are responsible for using caution no matter what time of day it is.

The driver remains in jail in lieu of $15,000 bond as the police continue to investigate charges of driving under the influence. Some of the cyclists reported that the woman was talking on her cell phone just prior to the crash.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle "Driver crashes into pack of Los Angeles bicyclists" June 16, 2011