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Driver Injured When Semi Truck Plummets Off On-Ramp

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A San Francisco semi driver survived a dramatic truck accident when his big rig plunged off an Interstate 80 entrance ramp. The driver was only semi conscious when he was pulled from the truck cab by a law enforcement official, but is not reported to have sustained life threatening injuries.

According to local news reports the semi driver was hauling about 80,000 pounds of waste material shortly after eight in the evening. As he turned onto the West Grand Avenue on-ramp onto I-80 he lost control of the truck. California Highway Patrol officers suggest that he may have been driving too fast to navigate the ramp safely before the accident.

The truck lost control and flipped off the ramp. The semi truck fell approximately 30 feet from the ramp to the grassy shoulder of the highway below. Fortunately an Oakland police officer observed the accident and was able to respond immediately, pulling the driver to safety. When the semi crashed to the ground it also ignited an engine fire, but responders were able to extinguish the fire before it posed a serious risk.

Fortunately when this semi tractor-trailer plunged off the entrance ramp it did not land on the traffic below but relatively safely on the shoulder. There is no report yet to indicate that any other individuals were injured in this crash. But this accident does highlight the risk of serious or even fatal injuries that exists when a semi truck driver is negligent in their operation of these enormous vehicles.

Source: KTVU News "Big-Rig Driver Survives Plunge From I-80 On-Ramp" June 7, 2011