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Oakland to Pay Man $630,000 for Traffic Accident With Police

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

The City of Oakland has agreed to pay a man injured in an accident with a police cruiser $630,000 but will not admit that its officers were liable for the injuries. Though the city is still involved in a lawsuit against the man seeking recover benefits paid to its officers who were also injured in the crash. One of the injured officers also has a pending lawsuit against the man to recover for his injuries in the accident.

According to the police report the 2006 accident occurred when the patrol car was responding to an emergency call. Authorities say that the man crossed in front of the police car at an intersection. The man asserts that the officers were driving the car without using either the sirens or emergency lights.

The payment to the man from the city will be sued to cover the medical expenses incurred by the man as a result of the accident. The man suffered a broken back during the collision with the patrol car.

It is interesting in this case that while the city will be paying for the man's medical expenses they remain engaged in a lawsuit to seek damages from the man for the injuries sustained by the officers. This is very likely the reason that while they were willing to pay the still refused to acknowledge any liability in the accident. The two officers that were injured in the accident received workers compensation benefits equaling a combined total of more than $200,000.

Source: The Sacramento Bee "Oakland to pay for medical costs in police crash" May 18, 2011