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Pedestrian Not Expected to Survive Accident Injuries

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

Two pedestrians have been seriously injured since yesterday in traffic accidents in San Francisco. At just after one o'clock this morning a 22-year-old man suffered severe injuries when he was struck by a car in the Marina District. Law enforcement officials had initially reported that the man had already died as a result of the accident. But that initial report was inaccurate. Police later clarified that the man remained on life support but was not expected to survive.

The other accident occurred at about seven p.m. last night. In that accident a 33-year-old woman was hit near the intersection of Crescent Avenue and Andover Street. Her injuries were described by law enforcement officials as life threatening. She remains hospitalized at San Francisco General Hospital, according to local news sources.

In both accidents the drivers of the vehicles that struck the pedestrians did stop and remained at the scene to talk to police. In this morning's accident when the man was struck in the Marina district the driver said that he had not seen the pedestrian prior to the collision. That accident occurred at the intersection of Lombard and Pierce Streets.

Unfortunately whenever pedestrians are struck by a vehicle there is a significant risk of serious or fatal injuries. Pedestrians are largely defenseless as they cross the street. Even if they obey the traffic signals and stay in the crosswalk they are at the mercy of the driver's ability and desire to drive responsibly.

Source: KTVU Chanel 2 News "Man Struck In Marina District On Life Support" May 25, 2011