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Multi-Car Accident Results in Serious Injury to California Man

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Most of the time when we are driving around the Bay area, we have an eye open for traffic backups, or fog, and we might even be watching out for drivers who are swerving in their lanes after bar time. It is, of course, important to stay vigilant while behind the wheel, occasionally the unexpected appears in front of you must be prepared to react safely and avoid a motor vehicle accident.

On Saturday morning the California Highway Patrol received a call that a dog was loose on Highway 101. Of course suddenly seeing a dog in the middle of the highway caused a traffic backup as vehicles slowed down to avoid the dog, and then cars behind them slowed due to the slowed traffic. This traffic backup led to an accident that seriously injured a 60-year-old California man.

According to local news reports, a Lexus sedan had slowed down to avoid striking the dog. The 60-year-old, riding his motorcycle, then made contact with the Lexus when he was unable to come to a full stop in time.

After the motorcycle had struck the Lexus, it was crashed into from behind by a Hyundai sedan. It was this collision that knocked the 60-year-old off of his motorcycle.

The California highway Patrol says the motorcycle rider was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. The driver of the Hyundai was also treated at the hospital for head and neck pain.

There was no report on the speed that these vehicles are thought to have been traveling just prior to the accident. In many cases though, when a car is unable to stop before plowing into a stopped motorcycle or car in front of it, it is either because the drier was distracted or was simply driving too fast.

Source: The Tribune News "Pismo Beach man seriously injured in Santa Barbara crash," Lairssa Doust, May 29, 2011