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Muni Bus Accident Kills Pedestrian

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

A pedestrian in San Francisco died earlier this week after he was hit by a Muni bus at Fifth and Mission streets. The bus accident took place at approximately 12:19 p.m., and pinned the victim under the bus tires, inflicting fatal injuries.

The pedestrian apparently attempted to cross the street just as the 14-L bus started to pull away from the bus stop. Two sets of tires on the bus rolled over his legs after he was knocked down by the impact. The pedestrian was wearing a security guard uniform at the time of the collision. He was carrying a lunch bag, and may have been traveling to work.

A bystander coming out of a nearby church observed the man's legs protruding out under the bus. He went across the street, and climbed under the vehicle along with another bystander to attempt to render assistance. Because the victim's legs were pinned under the bus, the most they could do was grab his hand, encourage him to keep breathing, and tell him that help would soon arrive. A woman on the scene called 911 to summon emergency responders. Initially, the bus driver was apparently unaware that he had hit someone.

Firefighters and police personnel arrived on the scene and had to use wooden planks to extricate the pedestrian from beneath the vehicle. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital where medical personnel were unable to save his life.

A police investigation into the causes of the accident is ongoing.

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