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Muni Bus Accident Injures San Francisco Area Bicyclist

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A collision between a bicyclist and a Muni bus last week resulted in the bicyclist being hospitalized with multiple fractures in her arm. The bus accident occurred near the intersection of Broadway and Columbus Avenue in North Beach. Police are investigating the incident to determine fault, and have secured surveillance tapes from a strip club located near the crash site.

According to witnesses, the bicyclist was changing lanes to avoid striking an illegally double parked vehicle when she made contact with a passing Muni bus. As she fell to the ground, the back tire of the bus rolled over her arm, crushing it. The driver of the bus did not stop. Muni representatives state that it is very likely that the bus driver wasn't aware of the accident, as he was driving an articulated bus with a separate rear suspension.

While the Muni bus driver involved in the accident has been listed on non-driving status, he is expected to return to work soon.

Muni is no stranger to accidents over the past several years, with this most recent collision following only a month behind a fatal pedestrian accident, when a bus struck and killed a woman attempting to use a crosswalk. Hopefully these accidents will serve as a wake-up call to the transportation department and force them to review their training and safety practices.

With a many pedestrians and bicyclists sharing the road with these large vehicles it is important that all reasonable steps be taken to ensure the safety of those who are walk or bike on San Francisco streets.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle "Muni bus runs over woman's arm, drives away," Will Reisman, Sept, 22, 2011