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Woman Dies After Car Runs Off Road

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

A 74-year-old woman claimed her 2010 Mercedes' brakes failed when she ran off the road. Another woman, aged 61, was waiting with her family to ride on a zip line when the Mercedes C300 ran off the road and ran her over, killing her instantly.

Despite the woman's assertion of a brake failure the police chief has said that there was no mechanical failure with the Mercedes prior to the car accident. He stated that the 74-year-old San Francisco driver stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake.

California Highway Patrol's investigators checked the Mercedes C300, as did the Mercedes Benz Company. The investigations took two weeks and looked for any reason the brakes may have failed. The California Highway Patrol determined that there was no mechanical malfunction. The Mercedes Benz Company investigated the C300's electrical system and found no malfunction.

Investigators even looked into whether the 74-year-old woman, who was seriously injured in the crash, suffered from a medical problem, but found that the woman did not suffer a medical emergency just before or during the crash.

Witnesses said that the Mercedes was traveling at a normal rate of speed, when it started to accelerate to 70 mph just before it crashed, running off the two-lane highway and down a short embankment into the parking lot. After the Mercedes ran down the embankment, it continued through the parking lot, then across a creek. It finally stopped when it smashed into a bank on the other side of the creek.

Source: Press Democrat, "CHP: 'Pedal confusion' in Camp Meeker crash," Randi Rossman, April 19, 2012