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100 Vehicles Involved in Thanksgiving Car Accident

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The holidays are a time of celebration and joy for residents of the Bay Area. Many people travel to visit family memb ers or vacation during the holiday season. Unfortunately, the increase in traffic on the roadways often leads to an increase in the number of accidents. While many car accidents are minor, some involve serious injuries or damage.

On Thanksgiving, an estimated 100 cars were involved in an accident on a Texas highway. At least two people were killed in the accident. Nearly 120 people were injured, some with serious or life-threatening injuries.

According to the Department of Public Safety, the first accident involved several vehicles in the morning hours of Thanksgiving. Dense fog in the area may have been to blame for the accident. The two deaths involved passengers of the same vehicle. The two victims were reportedly killed when their vehicle was hit from the back by a semi-truck.

Video of the scene showed badly damaged vehicles stacked on top of one another. It also showed victims of the accident stretched out on the grass on the side of the highway. Lines of damaged and totaled cars, minivans, pickup trucks and semi-trucks stretched down the highway. The fog could be seen in pictures of the accident scene.

Because of the volume of vehicles and people involved in the accident, it is not known exactly how many people were injured. The role of the weather and other potential causes of the accident are currently under investigation. The lanes of the highway were closed for most of Thanksgiving while crews cleaned up the accident scene.

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