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Fatal Pedestrian Accident Occurs on Market Street

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

Pedestrian safety continues to be a concern for San Francisco residents as accidents continue in the city on a daily basis. Many of these accidents result in serious injuries or even death. One such pedestrian accident ended up being fatal for a local man.

According to police officers, the man was struck by a truck at the intersection of Market Street and Beale Street. The truck driver, who is cooperating with investigators, stopped at the scene of the accident. A witness said the victim was struck by a Dodge Ram truck as he was crossing the intersection in a crosswalk. Paramedics attempted to save the man, but he died at the scene.

There is inevitable pain and confusion following these types of accidents. This is especially true if an accident could have been avoided. Anyone who has been injured in an accident caused by someone else's negligence may be entitled to file a claim for negligence.

Negligence describes careless behavior that leads to an accident. There are several things that must be proved to show someone was negligent. For example, drivers owe a duty to pedestrians and other motorists to drive in a safe manner. A victim must be able to show that the driver breached that duty, and their behavior actually caused the accident and the resulting injuries. Finally, the victim must be able to prove they suffered damages.

The amount of compensation that may be awarded depends largely on the losses suffered by the injured party. Several types of damages may be recoverable including lost wages, medical expenses and loss of future earning capacity. An experienced attorney can advise an accident victim in detail regarding their potential for recovery.

Source: CBS, "Man hit, killed by truck on San Francisco's Market Street," Dec. 10, 2012