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Accident Paralyzes New Mother

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

A recent car accident resulted in the paralysis, from the chest down, of a California woman who was 8-months-pregnant. After the crash, an emergency cesarean delivery of her baby boy was carried out, six weeks ahead of schedule. He is reported to be healthy.

The 32-year-old new mother was in surgery and sedated for days following the accident, and has had only two opportunities to see her son. Even more heartbreaking, she is unable to hold him without assistance and supervision, as she has very limited ability to control her hands.

During the accident, the woman's vehicle rolled over two times after another motorist's car cut hers off while traveling on Interstate 5. She had steered her vehicle at a sharp angle to the left, to avoid a collision, which resulted in a loss of control over her car.

She is now likely to remain in a wheelchair for life, and her chances to remain control of more of her body are extremely uncertain. Her 43-year-old husband says that she was most looking forward to hugging and holding her son, and doing that will now be extremely difficult.

She was not even able to feel the pain of childbirth, which she said she wanted to experience to draw her closer to her child. She has also lost the opportunity to continue her career as a nurse, a job which she loved because she felt good about helping people. She is a university graduate with a degree in political science.

The driver of the vehicle which cut her off has not come forward to acknowledge their role in the accident. The car remains under investigation by police.

Source: The Record Searchlight, "Accident alters mother's mobility; Son born healthy, but she is paralyzed," Alayna Shulman, Feb. 13, 2012