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DUI Suspected in Rollover Collision

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iven the regularity of injury causing drunk driving accidents it may seem like they are inevitable. But, of course, drunk driving accidents are in many ways the most avoidable types of accidents on the highway. In the Bay area there are often times when fog or other weather conditions create situations in which accidents may occur despite relatively good attempts to drive safely, this is not likely to change anytime soon. To put an end to all drunk driving accidents tomorrow, all that needs to happen is for everyone to decide to stop drinking and driving.

The danger of driving while under the influence of alcohol is all too obvious in the frequent reports of drunk driving accidents. This week for example, a man was injured when another driver struck his car, while allegedly driving under the influence.

The California highway Patrol says that they received reports from a witness saying that a female driver was weaving in and out of traffic and driving erratically. Shortly thereafter the drive was reportedly attempting to navigate a curve when she swerved into the lane of oncoming traffic. She then struck another vehicle which then lost control and rolled over, injuring the driver of that other vehicle. The woman suspected of driving under the influence has been arrested for felony driving under the influence resulting in injury.

Anytime someone is injured in a car accident it is, at the very least, unfortunate and painful. But when the accident is caused by a drunk driver the victim can feel even more frustrated, knowing that the accident could have been avoided if the other person had simply made the right decision to not drive after drinking.

Source: Crestline Courier News, "Woman Booked for DUI After Accident," Glenn Barr, Feb. 8, 2012