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One Killed, Three Injured in Fiery Crash

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

The California Highway Patrol is continuing to investigate a dramatic fatal accident on Highway 101 yesterday afternoon. The crash involved a semi truck and a passenger sedan. The driver of the semi truck lost his life in the crash, the three occupants of the passenger car, a 36-year-old woman and her two sons were all injured in the accident, but whose injuries were described as moderate rather than life threatening.

It is of course tragic when anyone loses their life in a truck accident, but somewhat unusual in this case that it was the semi driver rather than the occupants of the passenger vehicle. In many case the size and weight of the semi truck result in more serious injuries to those in other vehicles rather than the truck driver.

Authorities are still not sure exactly why this crash occurred, according to local news reports, the semi smashed into the back of the passenger car knocking it onto a guardrail of the bridge that the vehicles were crossing. The semi truck, after hitting the car ran through the guardrail and fell into the creek below.

The truck caught fire after falling off of the bridge. When firefighters arrived at the scene they said that the truck was completely consumed in fire, while the car was teetering on top of the guardrail of the bridge above the burning truck. Rescue workers reportedly required extensive extraction to be removed from their car.

Source: KVEC News, "Fiery Accident On Highway 101 Leaves One Dead," Jan. 13, 2011