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Even Chopper Riders Advocate for Wearing Helmets

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

In the wake of a new study advocating for the use of helmets while riding a motorcycle, even California's Big Bear Choppers says, "Wear a helmet!" The study assessed data from 700 motorcycle accidents across the country found that wearing a helmet minimizes the risk of fatal or catastrophic, incapacitating injuries like spinal cord injuries or brain trauma.

Big Bear Choppers is one of the top designers and manufacturers of custom bikes. While many people use bucket helmets, it does not protect your face should you go down face-first and it does not protect from whiplash once you hit the ground.

Many riders don't object to using helmets with face masks during the milder or winter months, but ignore helmets altogether during the summer. That makes summer and weekends the most dangerous of all with higher percentages of serious motorcycle accidents occurring.

Most states have mandatory helmet laws (including California), and those that don't compensate by requiring motorcyclists to carry at least $20,000 in medical and motorcycle insurance. In addition, the fines, fees and tickets for breaking mandatory helmet laws are often quite minimal, so may riders take their chance.

However, if you were injured while on your motorcycle through no fault of your own, and were obeying all the traffic laws, you may have reason to file a claim for personal injuries, medical bills and lost wages. Often, negligent, careless drivers are to blame; as are subpar road conditions in which case the claim would be against the municipality that maintains the roadway; or your bike could have a mechanical or manufacturer defect that caused your accident.

Source: Market Watch, "Big Bear Choppers Weighs in On Helmetless Riding, Accident Trends," July 10, 2012