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Infant, Six Others Injured in Apparent DUI Crash

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

Driving requires all our of our faculties. As we cruise down the highway we are in control of a huge mass of glass and steel traveling at high speeds. The act of driving is so commonplace that we often fail to realize the destructive potential of these large machines. Consider the care and attention you might summon if you were using a less familiar machine with the same dangerous potential.

Few people would ever consider using a chainsaw or maybe even a hammer when they were intoxicated. But the act of driving has become such second nature that some people seem to think that they can manage this very heavy and dangerous machine even when they are intoxicated. A recent crash in California demonstrates the result of this type of erroneous thinking.

On Thursday, a woman whom local law enforcement authorities believe to have been intoxicated swerved her car into the oncoming lane of traffic. As a result she crashed into not one, but two oncoming cars. Seven individuals, including one baby were injured in the crash and sought hospital treatment for injuries that were described as non-life threatening.

According to local news reports the woman who police accuse of being drunk fled the scene after the crash but was arrested soon after and charged with driving under the influence and felony hit-and-run.

Imagine if you know that an intoxicated individual was running up and down your neighborhood streets with a chainsaw. Of course they might not be intending to hurt anyone, but just the thought of someone with a diminished capacity due to intoxication wielding such a dangerous instrument is shocking. It should be just as shocking when an individual decides to get behind the wheel of a car after having had too much to drink.

Source: Channel 10 News, "Baby Among 7 Hurt In Suspected Drunken Driving Crash," March 22, 2012