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Man With Famous Jedi Name Arrested for Hit and Run

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The aftermath of any accident can be confusing and frustrating. Even when the injuries involved are minor, medical bills and ambulance bills can quickly add up. When your vehicle is damaged or totaled you will need to find alternative means of transportation at least in the short term. The most frustrating part about it is often that you have found yourself in this situation through no fault of your own, but rather as a result of some other driver's negligence or carelessness.

In a recent California hit-and-run accident, one car failed to slow down adequately for traffic that had stopped in front of it, this driver slammed into the back of two cars which caused a chain reaction crash that eventually involved five cars. The driver who caused the initial crash fled, but a police investigation later tracked the man down. Interesting the man had the same name as the famous jedi Obiwan Kenobi.

At the scene of the accident the police may collect information as part of an investigation and you and the other driver may exchange contact and insurance information. While moving forward from that point can still be filled with roadblocks and frustrations, at least you know who to blame. In hit-and-run situations you may never know the identity of the person who caused the accident. This obviously precludes the possibility of collecting from the other driver or their insurance agency.

Hit-and-run accidents can create more complications as you seek to get your life back to normal. Generally, your own auto insurance policy will compensate you for the damages as part of the uninsured or underinsured portion of the policy.

Source: MSNBC, "Obiwan Kenobi arrested for hit-and-run in California," May 2, 2012