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Two Pedestrians Seriously Injured Outside Bay Area School

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

Pedestrians in the Bay Area know all too well that crossing the city streets can be dangerous. A recent accident outside an Antioch elementary school left two women injured -- and a drunk driver may be to blame.

A school crossing guard, her son and another woman were hit by an SUV going more than twice the speed limit. The accident occurred just minutes after the start of classes. Police issued a statement that no students were injured in the accident. The pedestrian injuries were described as serious, although not life-threatening. The two adult victims suffered broken bones and cuts. The boy was not hurt in the accident, but he was knocked to the ground.

According to police, two men in their early 20s escaped the mangled SUV and fled the scene. One of them later returned, admitting he was the driver and that he had been drinking. Police arrested him on the scene, but did not say immediately on what charges he was arrested. The other passenger may have an outstanding warrant and remains at large. Police describe the driver's confession as "suspicious." It has not been confirmed that he was in fact the driver of the car.

The accident happened as the driver of the SUV swerved around another car stopped at a red light. The SUV hit the front bumper of a second car, turning from a different direction, as the light changed. After the first impact, the driver of the SUV lost control and struck the pedestrians. Witnesses said the SUV hit the victims head-on at full speed.

Thankfully, most of the students were already in school when the accident happened. The intersection has been a problem for years because of limited visibility and speeding.

While the circumstances surrounding this accident are troubling, at least the victims are not without recourse. In accidents such as this, victims may be entitled to file a claim against the responsible parties and get compensation for their injuries.

Source: Contra Costa Times, "Antioch: Two women expected to survive after high-speed crash in front of school," Daniel Jimenez, Erin Ivie & Paul Burgarino, Oct. 10, 2012