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Chances of Pedestrian to Be Hit By a Car Increases in California

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

With the recent advances in technology, cars are becoming increasingly more comfortable. With vehicles becoming more similar to entertainment centers and mobile offices, motorists are becoming more distracted while behind the wheel of their vehicle, according to some critics in California and other states. Some experts cite the increase in the number of pedestrians hit by a car as evidence to suggest drivers are now more distracted than before.

In 2009, there were 4,109 pedestrians who died as a result of an accident. However, in 2011 this figure increased to 4,432 deaths of pedestrians out of a total of 32,367 traffic deaths. The reasons critics suspect this increase to be attributable to car drivers being distracted due to new technology in newer cars is that motorcycle accidents have decreased during this same time period by about 8.9 percent. Motorcycles have not had the same amount of technological changes that could potentially cause a driver to be distracted when compared to passenger vehicles.

Another sign of drivers being more distracted during recent times is the increase in drivers crashing into buildings located nowhere near the road. Few of these accidents involving cars crashing into buildings have been attributed to sudden health issues such as a stroke or heart attack. Also, few of them were caused by a driver hitting the gas accidentally instead of the brakes. In fact, most of these incidents were a result of excessive speed as well as driving while distracted.

This makes it especially important for pedestrians to be extra careful and keep an eye out for cars on the road, since one may never know if the driver is distracted. If a pedestrian accident does result even despite this vigilance, a victim may be able to collect monetary reimbursement by filing a personal injury lawsuit in California. However, the plaintiff will have to present a strong legal argument showing that negligence caused them to be hit by a car in court in order to prevail.

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