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San Francisco Leads the Nation in Pedestrian Accident Occurences

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

California residents have experienced a rough year when it comes to pedestrian accidents. Authorities report that 17 pedestrians have died this year in San Francisco after being hit by a car. Two such accidents occurred in one recent week. Of all the people on the road on any given day, pedestrians are the most vulnerable, having absolutely no protection between them and the vehicles they encounter. A pedestrian accident is especially likely to occur when negligent and reckless drivers are on the road, since they frequently do not see the pedestrians in time.

One of the two accidents involved a man being backed over by a garbage truck. There were apparently both a witness to and a video of the accident. The sanitation company that operates the garbage truck was said to be cooperating with the investigation, which was listed as ongoing. A second pedestrian was apparently killed when a four-car crash took place in Chinatown. The majority of the details surrounding the incident were not immediately available; it appears that the accident is still under investigation.

The big concern for San Francisco is that the fatality rate for pedestrian accidents in 2013 is considerably higher than it was in 2012. The number of deaths actually places the city right behind New York. While pedestrians and drivers share the responsibility of remaining alert for each other on the road, experts also say there is much that they can both do to remain more alert while sharing the road. It is recommended that both stay off cell phones, do not send text messages and watch out for each other.

Obviously family members of any victims of a pedestrian accident are left with the burden of both financial difficulty and grief. If a driver in one of these California accidents is proved to be negligent, thereby directly causing injury -- or in these two cases, death -- victims or their surviving family members may be able to file a claim under California state law. Any restitution may be applied toward final expenses and burial costs in these particular cases, as well as pain and suffering.

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