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Toddler Killed in Pedestrian Accident

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Any parent who has lost a child will say that it is the worst possible nightmare come true. Not that the loss of a parent is any easier, but most people expect that their parents will die before they will; that is, after all, the normal circle of life. Losing a child is not expected, especially when it happens in a quick and especially tragic manner. One California family is left with countless questions after a recent pedestrian accident.

A car was making a left turn onto Vine Street in the middle of the afternoon on a weekend day. Though it was not immediately clear, the assumption is that an adult, some form of caregiver, was pushing a three-year-old boy in his stroller. The driver struck the stroller. It was also reported that two other people were hurt. It was not known if the toddler was pronounced dead at the scene, or if he was transferred to a hospital for treatment.

Authorities reported that the driver stopped after the accident and was cooperating with the investigation. There were no indications of whether any charges were being filed against the driver. The investigation is ongoing, however. Authorities are likely reconstructing the scene and looking for signs of intoxication or weather having factored into what might have contributed to the tragedy.

Obviously this family is most likely burdened with overwhelming grief, due to losing a child so young. The boy likely had not even begun to dream of what he wanted to be when he grew up. His family will never get to see him realize those dreams. In California, his surviving family members may have the right to pursue financial reimbursement in the event that negligence led to the boy's death in this pedestrian accident. Any recouped compensation could be applied to pain and suffering, final expenses, burial costs and loss of companionship.

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