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California Pedestrian Accident Follows Fight in Mall Parking Lot

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A 19-year-old California man was arrested and criminally charged after hitting a man with his vehicle recently. The victim, 28, was hit by the teenager's pickup truck. The bizarre pedestrian accident took place in an Alameda County mall parking lot. Police and an ambulance responded to the accident scene

An argument apparently took place between the two men that turned into a fight. Thereafter, the older man walked away. He proceeded to make his way away from the altercation on the sidewalk. The teenager, however, climbed into his pickup and drove into the man on the sidewalk. The victim was knocked over, and the pickup driver fled the scene.

The injured man was transported to a California hospital. He suffered a head injury and had several abrasions on his body. The officers were able to locate witnesses that gave a description of the vehicle used in the assault. The teenager was subsequently located and detained by authorities. It appears that a witness tailed the pickup truck as it drove away from the accident site.

The driver was formally charged with assault with a deadly weapon -- his pickup truck. At last report, he was incarcerated at the local county jail. As this matter now heads to a California criminal courtroom, the victim retains the right to file a personal injury claim against the pickup driver arising from the pedestrian accident. That claim would be aided by any criminal conviction obtained on the vehicular assault charge. If negligent or reckless conduct is established to the satisfaction of a civil court, the victim's claims for reimbursement of financial damages sustained will be adjudicated.

Source: Contra Costa Times, "Teen hits man with truck after argument in mall parking lot, police say," Katie Nelson, July 15, 2013