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California Plane Crash Could Lead to Wrongful Death Suits

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

The recent crash in California involving an international airline could result in family members of the two girls killed filing wrongful death suits. Upon descending into San Francisco, the plane dropped below the speed needed for safe landing. Pilots did not react in time and the plane crashed onto the runway, causing the wrongful death of two teenage girls on their way to a Christian summer camp.

Two of the 307 people on board died and 180 others were transported to local hospitals with injuries ranging from minor to serious. Of the 180 treated, 39 remain hospitalized. Most of the passengers on the flight were from a country other than the United States. Asiana Airlines, United Airlines and international officials have been assisting injured passengers as well as family members.

There are many questions surrounding the tragedy in California. Why did the pilots, all described as experienced, not react sooner in order to avoid the crash? Some are questioning whether all of the pilots were in place, in the cockpit, as the plane approached landing. One of the most disturbing questions being investigated is whether a rescue vehicle ran over one of the two teenagers killed in the plane crash. Families of the girls killed, as well as those injured in the crash, may decide upon civil litigation against the pilots and the airline as answers to these questions are made public.

As two families mourn the loss of a loved one, and injured passengers begin the healing process, officials continue to attempt to figure out what happened during this routine flight. If fault is found with the pilots, there could be financial penalties or fines, and there is the possibility of the revocation of the pilots' licenses. The two families now mourning the loss of two young lives may feel a wrongful death suit is justified in this tragedy. As more details become known about this incident, other passengers may also decide to take civil action against those at fault.

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