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Wrongful Death Claims Could Result in California Accident Death

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

Interstate 280 in California was the scene of a recent devastating accident that resulted in a fatality. According to the California Highway Patrol, one car rear-ended another, causing the driver of the front car to lose control and crash. While those involved in the two-car accident only received reportedly minor injuries, a Good Samaritan with the intention of helping the accident victims lost his life as he attempted to reach the victims. As the investigation continues, the family of this man likely will seek their options under our state's wrongful death laws.

The driver of the car that began the rear-end incident was arrested on the suspicion that he was driving under the influence. The driver who struck the Good Samaritan is being cooperative with authorities. No criminal charges have been brought against the driver who struck the man; however, the possibility cannot be denied if investigators determine that the driver's actions were negligent, reckless or otherwise illegal.

Assisting others after a car accident is a selfless endeavor. Most people who bravely attempt to help ever think that they could lose their life. This is unfortunately the case in this situation and now this man's family is left to mourn him. They will also be responsible for burial costs and other expenses. These expenses can be very costly and leave loved ones with an incredible burden.

The family of the victim who lost his life in this car accident could have grounds for a wrongful death suit. Proving wrongful death in a California court would be the burden of the family of the victim. If it is found that any party was negligent leading to this man's death, some of the burdens associated with the death of a loved one could be relieved. The successful litigation of a wrongful death suit can lead to monetary compensation for the victim's family including funeral expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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