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California Animal Attacks: Woman Killed -- Wrongful Death Claim?

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

Families and friendships can be torn apart upon learning that loved ones have been seriously injured and killed. When it is revealed that the deaths were caused by vicious animal attacks, however, coping with the loss can become much more challenging. The unexpected suddenness of the situation, for instance, can make the grieving process an exceedingly difficult struggle. Some California residents may be experiencing such conflicted feelings after a 63-year-old woman was recently attacked and killed by a pack of pit bulls.

Officials say that the victim was out running when multiple dogs started attacking and biting her. After police were notified, an officer arrived and successfully drove off the last of the dogs still attacking the woman. In total, it was discovered that the victim was bitten nearly 200 times by four pit bulls.

Police arrested the man who cared for the pit bulls after the victim's blood was found on his dogs' faces and fur. He has been charged for the murder of the victim and animal negligence. In total, police found eight large dogs, including six pit bulls, under the man's care. His dogs had been apparently reported for attacking other individuals in the past.

Animal attacks on loved ones can be confusing and difficult ordeals to manage. Determining if the whole unfortunate affair could have been prevented or if anyone was at fault can be a complicated task. The woman's husband has claimed that he blames the dogs' keeper rather than the pit bulls themselves. Others that believe someone they know has been wrongfully killed by a violent animal attack may benefit by gaining a full understanding of their legal rights under California laws.

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