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Three California women hit by a car -- was it intentional?

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

Three California women were hit by a car recently, and police say it was done on purpose. When we read about pedestrian accidents, we typically imagine a distracted driver or someone driving under the influence. In one recent incident in San Bernardino County, police say that three women were intentionally hit by a car following a dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

The incident occurred in Ontario at just about 12 a.m. one night in the latter part of June. A teenage couple got involved in a disagreement near a residence. Thereafter, the 18-year-old boyfriend got in the passenger seat of a 19-year-old friend's car. Incredibly, the friend is accused of then ramming the car into a group of three women. The girlfriend, her 21-year-old sister and their mother were all injured in the bizarre pedestrian accident.

All three victims were transported for medical care, though none of their injuries were characterized as life threatening. Nevertheless, the driver and the boyfriend were both arrested. The driver was accused of DUI with injuries and related charges. The boyfriend faces accusations of making death or terroristic threats. The driver was incarcerated at a local detention center while the boyfriend was booked and subsequently released from custody.

As these cases head to a California criminal court, the three women hit by a car also have civil court options. Whenever someone is injured through the negligent or intentional act of another, a personal injury action is an appropriate remedy for seeking reimbursement of all financial damages sustained, including pain and suffering related to the injuries. In those instances where the acts complained of are deemed to have been reckless or intentional, our courts will also consider claims for punitive damages over and above any compensatory damages awarded.

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