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Former NFL Player Causes Fatal Car Crash and Dies

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Every time one gets into a vehicle, either as a driver or as a passenger, a risk is taken. There is always that chance that a car crash can occur. Authorities are investigating a recent four-vehicle car crash in California that killed two people.

A man driving a BMW at a high rate of speed hit the back-end of a semi, became airborne, crossed the center median and crashed into oncoming traffic. The BMW hit two different cars, a Chevrolet Monte Carlo and a Honda CR-V, before finally coming to a stop upside down. The driver of the BMW and the driver of the CR-V were both declared dead at the scene. It was not immediately available whether the driver of the semi or the driver of the other car were injured or not.

It was discovered that the driver of the BMW was Thomas Howard, a former Atlanta Falcons linebacker. Witnesses estimated that Howard had been traveling at least 100 mph when he lost control of the car. Authorities did not indicate if drugs or alcohol were thought to be contributing factors. The investigation is ongoing.

The unfortunate truth about this car crash is that -- like many car crashes -- it could have been prevented. One motorist's actions had irreversible consequences. Under California law, injured victims may have the right to pursue restitution from a personal injury lawsuit, seeking reimbursement for financial damages like medical bills and lost wages. Surviving family of the deceased victim may also have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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