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Medical Malpractice Suit Filed in CA on Behalf of Newborn Girl

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The birth of a child is a high point in any individual's life. However, if a child experiences a serious injury as a result of physician or hospital's negligence, parents may feel betrayed by the people they trusted to protect the baby. In some cases, a child may have suffered an injury due to improperly performed procedures or because of medical malpractice.

Recently, California parents brought their then three-month-old baby girl to the emergency room with diarrhea and flu-like symptoms. A nurse, in trying to find a vein to administer an IV, reportedly held a lamp without a protective cover too close to the baby's hand and burned it. The baby ended up with third-degree burns, necessitating a skin graft.

The claim alleges that the baby will grow up experiencing serious inconveniences due to the incident. The skin will grow slower where it was grafted. It might grow hair, since it was grafted from her groin area. This could lead to future surgeries, which of course could lead to further complications. The state has fined the hospital where the incident occurred $50,000, citing noncompliance that can lead to serious injury of patients, among other things.

Medical professionals are required to provide a recognized standard of care. When they do not do so, and patients are injured or worse, those doctors and hospitals may be liable for medical malpractice. California parents may wish to familiarize themselves with personal injury laws in their state to help them obtain the compensation they need to care for children who have suffered an injury at the hands of a doctor. Child victims of medical malpractice may experience permanent disability and be unable to work or care for themselves when they are older. Monetary compensation could allow them to recover and live as normal a life as possible.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, State fines Mercy Medical Center $50,000, Victor Patton, Oct. 25, 2013