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Car Crash in California Seriously Injures Motorcyclist

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

A crash on Interstate 5 outside of San Diego left a motorcycle on fire and its rider in serious condition, according to local law enforcement. California police responded to the car crash in the morning of Oct. 7 and are still investigating the particulars of the accident. So far no charges have been filed in connection with this incident.

Police report that a motorcycle carrying a single rider was traveling northbound on I-5 when it was struck by another vehicle. The motorcycle went out of control and the rider was flung free of the vehicle onto the right shoulder of the highway. The motorcycle became lodged underneath the car and was dragged some 200 yards before the driver stopped his vehicle and returned to the crash site. The damage caused the motorcycle to catch fire.

The motorcyclist was rushed to a nearby hospital with injuries described as severe. His condition at the time of this writing is unknown. The driver of the car did not suffer any injuries in the crash. Police have not yet speculated as to whether intoxication, speed or inattention were factors in this accident, but the investigation is ongoing and the driver of the car is not currently in police custody.

California traffic law demands that all drivers be constantly aware of their surroundings and maintain vigilance while on the road. This car crash may have been avoidable -- depending on the outcome of the police investigation,

it may become clear that the driver of the car did not live up to the responsibilities of an operator of a motor vehicle. If this is the case, the motorcyclist will be entitled to file a personal injury suit against the other driver. Any criminal charges filed can be used to back up such a suit if a conviction is ultimately secured.

Source:, I-5 crash leaves motorcycle under car, Debbi Baker, Oct. 7, 2013