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Families File Wrongful Death Claim After Limo Kills Loved Ones

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

All families struggle with the unexpected loss of a loved one. For most families, it is one of the most difficult times imaginable. Understandably, the grief is made even more pronounced when a loved one passes amid claims that the loss could have been easily avoidable. If a direct cause-and-effect link can be found, surviving family members may elect to gain an understanding of their rights under California laws when it comes to wrongful death lawsuits.

One such wrongful death suit was filed in San Mateo County recently, naming six separate companies as defendants. Each company is responsible for making or modifying a limo that caught fire on the San Mateo Bridge while transporting nine women for a celebratory night out. Five of the women died in the incident.

The family members of the five women are suing the defendants for wrongful death. The amount that has been demanded is undisclosed. Though no criminal charges were filed, investigators listed a faulty air suspension system as the cause of the blaze. The six defendants did not respond to the filing.

To prevail in this case, the plaintiffs must prove to the satisfaction of a civil court that the defendants' actions directly caused the limo's malfunction, leading to the deaths of the five women. The outcome of this wrongful death case will of course not bring back any of the loved ones. A guilty verdict, however, could ease the pain and suffering for these California families who are still learning to cope with their losses.

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