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California Woman Was Hit By a Car in a Construction Zone

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Construction zone laws and regulations exist to not only keep drivers and vehicles safe but also to protect construction workers and pedestrians from harm. The number of cars passing by as well as the intensity of the work being performed on the road can become a dangerous hazard that many want to be aware of. Recently a California woman was hit by a car in a construction zone while she was working.

The early morning incident occurred on a local road where the woman was on foot, attempting to direct drivers to come to a stop in the construction zone. Officials believe that the pedestrian accident took place when a motorist quickly slowed their vehicle as they approached the zone, causing the sedan behind them to react quickly. The sedan jerked to the side of the other car and hit the California woman. She was airlifted immediately to a local hospital where her severe injuries included a number of broken bones.

As the investigation continues, limited information has been released regarding the details to the pedestrian accident regarding the amount of visibility or any possible charges. Police did not make any arrests at the time of the accident. It is further unknown if the driver of the vehicle that struck the woman incurred any injuries as well.

A California woman was hit by a car in a construction zone resulting in a number of serious injuries. People who are hit by a car may often feel worried about financial difficulties or long term problems they may have acquired in the accident. Once liability has been determined, this pedestrian accident may prompt the victim to pursue restitution for any medical expenses that may have accrued, potential disabilities or the time missed from work.

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