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Car Accidents That Involve Bicyclists Are Often Fatal

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When pursuing a recreational activity like bicycling, people may find themselves attracted to areas where their athleticism may be challenged or perhaps an area of town that is attractive and fun. California hosts a plethora of neighborhoods and public areas that encompass both of these attributes. With the enjoyment of bicycling comes the ever present reality that possible dangers exist when sharing the road with vehicles. Car accidents that involve bicyclists can be fatal, leaving grief in the lives of surviving loved ones.

A recent accident has revealed a California neighborhood that has become a hot spot for bicycling, attracting many people to its curves and hills. The people that live in the area have claimed that in their experience, there is very little forgiveness on the roadway for a person to make a mistake on a bicycle or driving a car. Supposedly, the speed limit allows cars to go fairly fast, and if they do encounter a cyclist, there are not many options for either the rider or the driver to avoid car accidents that involve bicyclists, begging added precaution when operating either.

It was reported that a young California man driving a minivan collided with a female bicyclist as she came down from around a sharp bend in the road. Although the area has been described by residents as having potentially limited visibility, negligence while operating a vehicle in a heavily recreational area could have devastating consequences. Police have not been released the nature of the fatal accident, if the cyclist passed away on the scene or later from her severe injuries, or if the driver of the vehicle was harmed.

Officials have stated that the driver is cooperating with authorities, but have not outlined any charges that may be made. As the investigation continues, the accumulated evidence may point suggest responsibility lies with the driver of the vehicle, depending on his contribution to the cause of the accident. Unfortunately, car accidents that involve bicyclists typically result in serious injuries or death. The loss of a loved one is never easy, though a successfully navigated wrongful death claim may prevent the tragedy from becoming a financial disaster as well.

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