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Tragic California Car Crash Involving a Train

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

Nighttime driving on California freeways can sometimes involve heightened caution and a greater awareness of other vehicles. A man recently lost his life in a tragic California car crash involving a train, instigated by an attempt to change lanes. The emotional response of the passengers on the train may reflect confusion and sorrow while the family of the deceased tries to work through their grief surrounding the car crash.

The California man lost his life when his car left the freeway and came to a stop in the pathway of an oncoming train. Purportedly the man was speeding and driving erratically the night of the car crash. Officials report that the California man allegedly attempted to change lanes when another car attempted a change of lane, and the man drove off the road to avoid the collision. As his car catapulted from the road onto the tracks, a train appeared and lacked the time needed to stop.

Reports state that the vehicle was separated in half on impact, launching the man from his car, resulting in his death. A representative from the train company announced that passengers and operators aboard that night did not suffer any injuries, and were transferred to another train so a full investigation could take place. Although physical injuries were not reported, emotional distress and a range of psychological damage may later surface with some of those present to the accident.

Liability in the tragic California car crash involving a train has not been decided. Sometimes it can be difficult for a family who recently lost a loved one to immediately pursue insurance benefits or compensation for funerary expenses amidst their grieving. After responsibility is established, the family of man who lost his life and any persons who suffered by affiliation to the train may be able gain restitution.

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