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'The Victims Were Teenage Kids,' Said California First Responder

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The Orland Volunteer Fire Department was called to the scene of an accident this week that was unlike anything first responder Jason Wyman had ever seen. "The victims were teenage kids," he said after the flames from the deadly truck accident had been put out.

On Thursday, April 10, at approximately 5:30 p.m. a FedEx truck collided with a bus carrying a group of more than 30 high school seniors to Humboldt State University to explore the possibility of starting their adult life on the California campus. Instead, five of the students' lives were cut short and the rest were forever changed by the crash.

Unaware of what was about to happen, the students were listening to music and chatting when they "heard this loud boom," as one of the students said. At this point, "we knew we were in major trouble."

Words cannot describe what the students and chaperones experienced next. Those that were trapped in the bus broke windows to escape; they were trying to squeeze through three at a time said a second student. Witnesses even described watching a victim on fire run from the fiery blaze.

We do not repeat these details to shock or awe an audience. Victims in situations such as this one are often left with severe emotional scars after the catastrophic event, along with the incredible pain of the physical injuries -- including broken bones, head trauma and major burns in this case.

Victims and their families are left in an unimaginable situation after a truck accident such as this one. They may not know where to start in dealing with the trauma. An East Bay Area personal injury attorney can help lift some of the burden by fighting on their behalf, working to hold all responsible parties liable for the damages that were caused.

Source: Fox News, "'A ball of fire': Witnesses describe horrific California bus crash that killed at least 10," April 11, 2014