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Victims in Car Accidents May Need Immediate Medical Attention

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It's crucial for an accident victim to get medical attention as soon as possible after the incident. In car accidents in California or elsewhere, however, the symptoms sometimes don't fully manifest for several hours or even days after the accident. That's because a state of shock has set in and the body's defenses have been put on heavy alert. Not until the body and muscles begin to relax does the victim discover that there may be a profound injury.

When the symptoms manifest, the victim must obtain medical attention and document the injury. Recently, two separate but related car accidents in California illustrate that victims should speak out if they have pain. The crashes occurred on Feb. 11 on Highway 101 near Summerland.

The multi-car crashes were so close in time and space that one vehicle was reportedly involved in both accidents. The causes were not immediately reported by the California Highway Patrol. At least four people were reportedly injured, with two of them complaining of neck pain and one of head pain. They were transported to hospitals for treatment.

In car accidents, a driver or passenger may often suffer a whiplash-type injury which can result not only in trauma to the spinal cord, the neck muscles and disks, but also to the brain. That's because the rapid-movement jerking back and forth of the head is so quick and powerful that the brain itself is jolted rapidly and haphazardly against the skull. These "shearing" forces can cause serious brain damage can result from traumatizing forces.

Symptoms can appear directly after the injury, but often are not felt until days afterwards. In more serious whiplash injuries, the nerves in the brain and spine are stretched so much that they are damaged. Furthermore, the neck ligaments can be torn and severely traumatized.

It's thus recommended that victims of car accidents in California or elsewhere do not refuse treatment. Being brave and stoic in such a situation is false pride that serves no good purpose. It's important to report the type of injury that one experiences so that treatment is immediately obtained, the proper tests are taken and symptoms are stabilized as soon as possible.

Source:, Four Injured in Highway 101 Accidents Near Summerland, Gina Potthoff, Feb. 11, 2014