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Multi- Vehicle Car Crash Near School Injures 3

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

Most California parents are likely familiar with the traffic that can accumulate during the hours before school starts and when school lets out. Especially in the morning hours, when commuter traffic has already congested some surface streets, traffic came come to a crawl. This combination of circumstances can quickly lead to a serious car crash.

A recent multiple vehicle car crash recently took place in Fontana. According to reports, a Camry traveling southbound attempted to turn left through traffic that was already stopped due to student congestion. It proceeded to move into a northbound lane, where it hit an Altima, which, due to the close proximity of all the cars to one another, caused a domino effect.

The Altima hit a bus and a Sentra. The Sentra hit a Tahoe, and the Tahoe hit a Mustang. The driver of the Altima, along with the driver and passenger in the Sentra were injured. All told, it appears that the actions of one driver resulted in damages to four other cars and a school bus. Three people suffered injuries that were initially characterized as minor to moderate.

Unfortunately, negligent drivers are everywhere, and California accidents are frequently attributable to a driver that appears to have been in a hurry or distracted. Thankfully, car crash victims hurt due to the negligence of another party are protected under our personal injury laws. A successful claim is necessarily based upon proof of negligence that is deemed to have caused or substantially contributed to the collision and injuries that resulted. Any financial relief achieved can cover medical bills and lost wages, along with pain and suffering, thus allowing the victims to focus on getting healthy and returning to their normal lives.

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