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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Possible In Fatal California Car Accident

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A car crash that was allegedly caused by a distracted driver claimed the lives of two California woman recently. The man who reportedly caused the car accident says he could not stop his car in time to avoid the fatal collision. He was reportedly talking on the phone immediately before it happened. He could potentially be named in a wrongful death lawsuit for the role he played in what happened.

The incident occurred when a 30-year-old California man was apparently on his cell phone and failed to notice traffic had stopped in front of him. He was unable to stop in time and collided with the car in front of him. That car, in turn, ran into the car in front of it.

The driver of the first car that was struck suffered a head wound. His father, who was riding in the front seat, suffered major injuries and was taken to a California hospital. The driver's two backseat passengers -- his wife and his mother -- both suffered critical injuries. They died upon impact, according to police reports. No injuries were reported in the second car involved.

The man who allegedly started the chain reaction of accidents was arrested and charged with DUI and manslaughter. His bail was set at $100,000, which he posted. He was recently released from jail, according to reports.

Police believe the man had used marijuana prior to driving. They are waiting for results of a urine test to determine if that could have been a contributing factor in the accident. They say there was no indication of alcohol use.

The driver of the first car struck in this car accident suffered substantial losses when it occurred. His father was injured, and both his wife and mother were killed. He and/or other surviving family members may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver who allegedly caused such upheaval. Nothing can erase the tragedy that has befallen this family, but a successfully litigated claim could provide the means to get the help they need to move on from this horrific event.

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