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California Woman Seriously Injured In Pedestrian Accident

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There are many individuals on California roadways that are vulnerable to larger vehicles that may occupy the street. Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable people who may make use of the very streets that motorists travel. Unfortunately, there are times when the interaction between vehicles and those walking on or near the road can lead to a pedestrian accident.

Police responded to a call reporting a pedestrian accident. However, the driver who struck the victim had left the scene. Police reportedly searched the area for the vehicle which was missing a driver's side mirror, but were unable to locate the SUV. The police are asking the public to help in locating the vehicle.

A woman was reportedly involved in the hit and run pedestrian accident on a Friday night at an intersection. She suffered serious injuries and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The report had no additional on the her injuries or her current condition.

Hit and run accidents, like the one in the story, are among the worst type of accident that an individual can be involved in. Those involved in a pedestrian accident can potentially face a variety of serious and life-altering injuries. However, while the victim can potentially face severe consequences from the accident, most hit and run accidents are usually solved by law enforcement. More often than not, the driver faces criminal prosecution for his or her actions.

The pedestrian in the story suffered a both an accident and a hit and run scenario. California pedestrian accident victims like the one in the story may worry about what impact their injuries may have on their life. Victims should know that they are not alone and can pursue a personal injury claim for any injuries they have suffered. Proof of driver negligence will be required to show that the driver's actions caused or contributed to the crash and injuries that resulted.

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