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Hit-and-Run Kills 1 in California

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

A fatal accident involving a rented box truck and a motorcycle occurred in Oceanside on Aug. 28 around 8 a.m. When the northbound truck initiated a U-turn on Douglas Drive, the motorcyclist behind him was unable to avoid a crash and ran into the truck. The truck driver fled the scene, and the 22-year-old motorcyclist was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital. He suffered severe head trauma and died from those injuries later that day.

After leaving the accident site, the driver of the truck returned the vehicle to the rental business. The clerk working at the time contacted the police to report that one of the business's trucks had been in an accident. Later that day, the truck's driver returned to the crash scene and was eventually taken into custody on suspicion of felony hit-and-run.

When a rider dies in a motorcycle-car accident, the surviving family can seek compensation from the party who they believe to have caused the wreck by filing a wrongful death claim. A successful lawsuit of this kind can yield both economic and non-economic damages for the suit's plaintiff.

The driver of a vehicle that causes an accident may not be the only liable party. For example, a rental car company could be partially at fault for failure to adequately maintain its vehicle in certain circumstances. One such scenario could be if a driver of a rented vehicle were involved an accident after failing to signal other motorists about an intended turn because the light did not function. Additionally, if a driver causes an accident while performing work for his or her job, then the employer could be found liable in a subsequent civil suit depending on the circumstances of the event.