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Driver in Head-On Crash Flees Scene on Foot

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The California Highway Patrol reported that the male driver of a Nissan Altima, who apparently caused a head-on collision on Dehesa Road east of El Cajon, was arrested shortly after the accident. He had run away from the crash scene. Investigators alleged that he committed a felony hit-and-run. The state had previously suspended the man's driver's license.

Two men were injured in the accident that occurred at approximately 3:42 a.m. when they were going home from their jobs at the Sycuan Casino. Occupying a Honda Civic, they were struck by the westbound Altima when it crossed the centerline into oncoming traffic. The impact forced the Civic into an embankment on the side of the road.

Serious injuries suffered by the passenger of the Civic required him to be airlifted to Sharp Memorial Hospital. The driver of the Civic also sustained injuries, but they were not as severe as those experienced by his companion. Authorities closed both lanes of the road while accident debris was cleaned up.

When a car crosses a centerline and results in an accident, investigators will check for causes of the serious driver error. Drunk drivers, debris on the road or drowsy drivers are sources of serious accidents. A person injured by another driver's error or unsafe action might be able to recover damages with a personal injury claim. Discussing the accident with an attorney might confirm the presence of evidence that points to negligence. If a lawsuit appears to be a viable course of action, an attorney might prepare the paperwork, represent the injured victim at trial and negotiate for a settlement. Compensation usually addresses medical bills, property damage and lost income.

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