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Pedestrian Accidents in California

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

California residents may benefit from understanding more about state vehicle codes, as they relate to incidents involving pedestrians. State laws require that residents be afforded safe passage and access on roadways. The law also requires the Department of Transportation to work and make efforts towards minimizing the risk of injuries or death that pedestrians might suffer. Drivers are required to grant pedestrians the right of way when encountering unmarked and marked intersections or crosswalks.

However, state laws still require pedestrians to exercise due care for safety when crossing roadways. Pedestrians are prohibited from creating an immediate hazard by suddenly leaving the curb when an approaching vehicle is nearby. When approaching pedestrians in the road, drivers are required by law to reduce vehicle speed or take any other action to ensure their safety. Crosswalks may not be removed without at least 30 days of public notice before the date scheduled for the removal.

Drivers are prohibited from passing by other vehicles that have stopped to let a pedestrian cross the roadway. In order to avoid causing an immediate hazards, pedestrians crossing the roadway without using the tunnel or overhead crossing available, are required to yield the right of way to all approaching vehicles. However, these vehicles are not relieved from exercising due care for the benefit of the pedestrians' safety. State laws also prohibit pedestrians from crossing intersections or roadways governed by police officers or traffic control devices.

People who suffer injuries caused by another vehicle or pedestrian violating traffic laws may benefit from consulting a lawyer. Legal counsel might be able to investigate the incident and help identify which parties may be culpable for the ensuing injuries. People in these situations are often pursue compensation that may help account for medical costs, loss of income or other hardships caused by the pedestrian accident.