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Pedestrian Accidents Can Happen at Any Time and Place

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You know when you are crossing a street or an intersection that you need to be on the lookout for drivers who are distracted, inebriated, drowsy, or otherwise are not paying attention to you when you are in the zone of danger. Your awareness of your surroundings is understandably heightened during this time.

But there may be an occasion when you are not fully on your guard, perhaps thinking that you are safe. Like when you are standing on a sidewalk and have no intention of stepping into the street for any reason. Even at such a moment you can still become the victim of a car-pedestrian accident.

That is the takeaway from a recent story in the news about a group of people who were standing close to a bus stop in Vallejo one moment, and who suddenly became accident statistics the next when a car left the road and drove onto the sidewalk. One of the pedestrians died; six others suffered injuries. The driver of the car also suffered minor injuries.

Pedestrian accidents are especially dangerous because even when the vehicle is traveling at a low speed, its kinetic energy coupled with the fact that people on foot have no protection when it strikes them means that serious injuries -- contusions, broken bones, even injuries from being dragged underneath the car -- can lead to equally serious medical expenses or even a fatal outcome.

You cannot be on guard at all times when you are a pedestrian. But if you are injured in a car-pedestrian accident, you can seek legal assistance from a personal injury law firm to help you to secure the recompense you need to cope with your injuries, or with the death of a loved one if he or she was the person involved in a sudden and unexpected encounter with a car driving where it should not be.

Source: FOX 40, "1 Dead, 7 Hurt as Car Careens onto Vallejo Sidewalk," June 19, 2015