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No Charges for Caitlyn Jenner After Fatal Crash

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

A fatal California car crash that involved Caitlyn Jenner will not result in Jenner being charged, according to prosecutors. The February crash left a 69-year-old woman dead.

At the time of the accident, Jenner was driving a Cadillac Escalade SUV and hauling a trailer carrying an off-road vehicle. She steered around traffic in front of her that was slowed for a traffic light on Malibu's Pacific Coast Highway. Jenner's SUV collided with a Lexus and hit a Prius. The Lexus was pushed into oncoming traffic and hit head on by a Hummer, resulting in the death of the driver of the Lexus.

The accident happened when Jenner was still months away from making her public transition. Accident investigators had found that Jenner was operating her vehicle in an unsafe manner for the road conditions at the time. If charged, she faced up to one year in county jail if convicted of vehicular manslaughter. According to a statement made by Jenner's attorney, the district attorney agreed that it would be inappropriate to charge Jenner even with a misdemeanor offense.

When someone is injured or killed in a car crash that is believed to have been caused by someone else's negligence, determining fault requires an investigation. The burden of proof in a criminal case is higher than that required in a civil negligence lawsuit, and thus a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit can proceed and be successful even if criminal charges are never filed against the responsible individual. A victim of such an accident may want to meet with a personal injury attorney to determine the available methods of pursuing compensation for the damages that have been sustained.