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Insurance Company Cancels Coverage for Dangerous Trucking Company

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

Motorists in California share the road with commercial trucks and rely on regulatory agencies to promote safety. One high-profile accident in the Midwest, however, has highlighted the failings of regulators that allowed DND International Inc. to continue operating on public roadways after numerous violations. Not until the company's insurance carrier canceled coverage did the trucking company close down.

The crash of a DND International Inc. truck that resulted in an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board happened on Interstate 88 in 2014. The truck smashed into emergency vehicles. A tollway worker died, and a state trooper suffered serious burn injuries. The truck driver had only slept for 4.5 hours in the 37 hours preceding the accident.

According to reports, the truck driver had been known to falsify records and hide hours-of-service violations. Furthermore, NTSB blamed other regulators for not acting against the trucking company that was known to break safety rules. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration decided to shut down DND International Inc. two months after the I-88 accident, but the company continued operating after winning an appeal. At that point, its insurance carrier rescinded coverage.

Because of the size of commercial trucks, they tend to inflict serious damage and injuries when accidents occur. A person hurt in a truck accident might need to seek compensation for medical bills and lost income. An attorney could help the person by accessing accident reports and determining if driver fatigue or truck defects contributed to the crash. After reviewing the evidence, an attorney could file a lawsuit against responsible parties, such as the driver, trucking company or parts manufacturer, and pressure them to pay a settlement.