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False Alarm Ends in Another California Car Crash

Casper, Meadows, Schwartz & Cook

Emergency workers perform a needed service that many depend on at a time of crisis. However, even responding to an emergency demands careful not to mention sober driving in order to not be a possible cause for a car crash. While this accident victim wasn't in a car, one motorcyclist in California in the wrong place at the wrong time was in a crash involving a San Francisco fire truck driven by an alleged drunk driver which left him with multiple serious injuries.

The collision reportedly occurred when the ladder truck driver was responding with purported lights and sirens to an emergency call. The motorcyclist was traveling west and the fire truck which was reported to be moving North crashed into the motorcycle at an intersection. The motorcycle operator was knocked off and landed several yards away which caused him to suffer serious injuries to his ribs and to one of his lungs.

The fire truck driver stopped at the time of the accident and was to be tested for the presence of drugs or alcohol which regulations mandate. The rescue employee then allegedly left the scene before the testing could be carried out which in turn led to charges of a hit-and-run and drunk driving since the charged driver was determined to be impaired a few hours after the crash. As fire company regulations demand, the accused 43-year-old has been suspended from duty.

The victim of this accident was seriously injured in this collision. The man will possibly face months of recovery and may have long lasting physical and emotional scars with which to contend. The associated costs could be just as serious. Lost wages and high medical expenses are only some of the consequences that this man and his family may have to struggle with. California has made provisions for victims of any car crash or their families to seek help obtaining compensation for the monetary costs that arise from such traumatic events.

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