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Former Supreme Court Justice's Sister Dies in Traffic Collision

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California residents may know that the younger sister of previous Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was killed in a three-car traffic collision near Tucson, according to the Pima County Sheriff. The other two drivers involved in the crash were hospitalized with serious injuries.

The accident occurred in the early morning hours of May 7. According to a representative for the Pima County Sheriff, the vehicle driven by 77-year-old Ann Day, who was traveling alone eastbound on Ina Road, was struck head-on by a car that crossed over the median. Her vehicle was also rear-ended by a truck. The driver whose car struck Ann Day's vehicle head-on had reportedly been observed speeding and driving carelessly before the crash, and he is suspected of driving impaired.

Ann Day was pronounced dead after being transported to an area hospital by paramedics. Arizona politicians, including U. S. Senator John McCain, expressed their condolences. According to a news report, Ann Day was known for her cancer patients' advocacy and reformation of the HMO industry.

When an investigation into a fatal head-on collision establishes liability for the crash, the survivors of a person lost in such an event may file a wrongful death claim in order to recover damages suffered as a result of their loss. Recoverable damages can include expenses directly related to the car crash such as the cost of emergency services provided and funeral and burial costs, as well as other current and future financial losses. These survivors may benefit from retaining an attorney and pursuing a civil legal action for recovery if they are unable to arrive at settlement of their claim upon demand to the liable party's insurance company before filing a lawsuit.